5 Roles of Leadership

tbcgI could write a million articles on leadership. That’s such a broad topic. Here are notes from a recent workshop our general manager, Diane, attended. These are the types of managers people usually are:

1. Technician- How good are you at what you do? Do you like standing in front of people and talking, inspiring, motivating? If not, join Toastmasters or a speech group to learn to feel more comfortable. Take a one-day course on leadership from Padgett-Thompson or Fred Pryor. You can learn anything if you want to.
2. Manager- Remember you inspire people by your example, you manage systems. If your systems are good, that’s easy. Delegate more and write a list of everything that you do and how it is done in your business. When a problem occurs, don’t blame the person involved, design a system to prevent that from happening again.
3. Architect- You have to be creative. It’s your enthusiasm that motivates your staff. The word enthusiasm comes from the Latin word, “en theos”, which means God within. If you have that excitement, your staff will feel it and be motivated by it.
4. Trailblazer- You have to do the new, the innovative, and the different. They say, “You might be on the right track, but if you stay there long enough you’ll get run over.” Try one of my programs you don’t have now and do something creative and different in your town…like YogaBears, CheerBears, or Dancing GymBears, click here.
5. Coach– You must walk the walk and empower your people. Train them, give them the skills and then let them go. You have to check in on them, encourage them, love on them, train them more, encourage them more, and be there for them.
Sometimes people are born leaders, but you must also work on it. Really give some thought to what type of leader you are and how you really want to be. It’s easy to lead a staff that does what you want them to, but they have to know what that is. So, create operations and sales manuals that spells out exactly what you want them to do. Click here to get a copy of mine and use it as a template.

About the author:
Patti-KomaraPatti Komara has owned a gymnastics school in Dyer, Indiana since 1969 offering gymnastics and has been named “Best of the Region” Gymnastics School by their local newspaper every year since its inception in 1994. Patti has been a speaker for USA Gymnastics at national conventions every year since 1981, and she has led hundreds of training workshops. Patti’s Tumblebear Connection has produced more than 80 instructional DVDs and has written books on yearly lesson plans for the internationally known  Tumblebear Gym Program, School-age Gymnastics, Dancing GymBears,  YogaBears, CheerBears, Gym-N-Learn, and Swim. Patti currently has over 7000 subscribers to her “In the Loop Monthly E-Newsletter”. You can sign up for it at tumblebear.com.